To all the actors in the play:
When you were all acting, it felt like you were talking to us and telling us your story. I just wanted to thank you for coming, so much.
Dear Dan, Carlos, Joann and Dinorah:
I thought this play was amazing. I thought that the story made my classmates and I really think about the responsibliity that we must have to not involve ourselves with drugs or anything that might cause HIV or AIDS.
Cookie's story made me feel like I was going through the story with her. Juans story also touched my heart. Dan Gallagher you are a genius for creating the play!  I hope you can perform this play in every school because I feel everyone should be able to share this message. Thank you very much.
Juan Carlos:
I liked that you had a few funny lines because with out those I dont think the audience would have paid attention to the next person (Cookie)
I like how they made me feel like they actually were dead and went through these problems.
I thought it was a good play, more people need to be aware of AIDS.
To the three actors:
As a student at Albert Leonard Middle School, I would like to say that it was an experience I will never forget. God Bless you all especially las bonitas chicas.
The play was very entertaining and people really got the message of the play.
I thought it was informative and was funny. Cookies mannerisms were quite funny (running around etc.)
It was well worth coming here and I think the purpose was served.
Juan Carlos was funny.
Cookie did a great job with tons of lines and lots of emotion.